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How is your organisation doing?

Opdateret: 10. feb. 2021

The pandemic fulfilled a double whammy for leadership with many employees working beyond the traditional silos and at the same time being physically apart. Critical business drivers such as team collaboration, digital workplace impact, internal communications, culture change and not at least well-being of employees have become even harder to assess in this situation.

Photo credit: Chris Montgomery, unsplash

Temporall is the leading organisation that helps leaders develop a real-time data-driven approach to Organisational Intelligence. The Temporall platform enables organizations to get a clearer view of the true state of organisations, so decisions on strategy are founded on actual reality. This entails the opportunity for getting insights from both people and system intelligence, integrated into collaborative platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack.

At Workways we are very excited to announce this partnership, as this combines our core competencies within digital workspaces and new ways of working with a unique AI-powered intelligence layer.

The link between the human nerve in any larger organization, digital workspaces and enabling data-driven decisions for strategic decisions is a natural field of progression for WorkWays. We are very excited to enable, what is in reality the beginning of a digital transformation in organizational strategy, where the voices of the employees can be heard – real-time

Anders Bendix Kiel, partner at WorkWays

Temporall was founded by former UK Google executive, Thomas Davies, that recently closed a 7-digit funding from UK-based VC Luminous Ventures:

We’re thrilled to further expand our international Partner program by welcoming WorkWays to the Temporall ecosystem. WorkWays is extremely well aligned to our values at Temporall, and their mission to help clients rethink their digital practices and build an effective digital workplace is an extremely important one, which is at the core of Temporall this year. I firmly believe that WorkWays’ expertise and our Workbench platform will bring their clients exceptional value as we move forward.”

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