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2021: The year of real-time data-driven decisions

We have never before had so much data available, but decisions are still often based on outdated data and what we have at hand. Work technology has had its "Iphone moment" and 2021 will be the year, where real-time dashboards will truly drive our decision making.

Photo: Lukas Blazek

Turning data into real insights have been on the agenda for many years. However, the recent years ramp-up of technology such as Microsoft's Power Platform has now truly made this accessible and affordable for organisations of all sizes.

Traditionally, data is pulled by an analyst, processed, visualized and then converted into a presentation for management. As this presentation of insights moves up into the higher hierarchies of management time passes quickly. Some of the original insights might even get lost on the way and the whole analysis could be send back again for a different scope. At the time where decisions are made by leadership, we are doing it on an outdated foundation.

In other words, there is still in many organisations, a huge gap where data is not provided to the right people at the right time.

One of the real life examples we have experienced at WorkWays, is from large construction company, where construction managers at the building site could not make necessary decisions on budget fast enough. The reason being, that they were simply not equipped with the updated budgets. Even though this data was already accessible, it took a long time to populate and process in the organisation.

WorkWays is offering consultation and development of automated visual insights with Microsofts Power Platform, that is able to integrate many data sources.

Call us and let's discuss possibilities.

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